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Bubble Bobble Download Bubble Bobble was an arcade game released by Taito in 1986. You have to guide the two hero's Bub and Bob through 100 levels of adventure to rescue their girlfriends. It was one of the first two player co-operation games (although all co-operation goes out the window when a 50,000 pt diamond goes down the middle of the screen and you race to see who can get the points first ). It was one of the first games to have joystick combinations that allow you to power-up your original characters. It has spawned a couple of sequels Rainbow Islands ( a much better, but harder to find game ) Bubble Symphony, Parasol Stars, Bust-a-Move (aka Puzzle Bobble), and Bust-A-Move Again (aka Puzzle Bobble 2).

One of the great things about this game was all of the different hidden things that were discovered by playing the game. Basically you had to clear each room of all the enemy to let you advance to the next room. You did this by trapping the enemy inside you bubbles and then bursting the bubbles. Along the way you could pick up power ups and extra weapons that were only available for that room. As a rule only one food bonus and one weapon bonus per room.

You can download classic arcade game Bubble Bobble from here: http://gamebird.dk

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Bubble Puzzle DownloadThe Puzzle Bobble / Bust-a-Move series has long been an arcade mainstay. Featuring the popular bubble dragons Bub and Bob (of Bubble Bobble fame), the Puzzle Bobble games have been ported to every platform under the sun, from Neo Geo to N64. The latest PC release of Puzzle Bobble 2 (2X to be precise) is an exact replica of the arcade version. The game is essentially the arcade ROM image run on top of an emulator front-end. As such, every detail of the game's graphics and gameplay is faithful to your arcade memories. The gameplay is very simple with a Tetris-like quality. Each board consists of a screen of colored balls (bubbles) that you must clear. To clear the board you must launch bubbles from the bottom of the screen and hit the existing bubbles. Whenever three or more bubbles of the same color stick together they pop, and any bubbles that were attached to them fall off the screen. You lose the game when the bubbles fill the screen and reach the bottom of the board. This simple premise is the basis for addictive gameplay that has spawned three sequels and many clones.

You can download the latest remakes of Puzzle Bobble / Bust-a-Move:
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